Designed for professionals across the solar PV value chain, the PV Professionals platform is the first of its kind in the South African solar industry. It is a digital solution that will give members access to knowledge, training, and opportunities to collaborate with national and international stakeholders.

Developed for PV professionals, the platform is structured to facilitate dialogue and knowledge-sharing to ensure that the solar PV sector has the capacity and professionalism to capitalise on this lucrative sector.

Join now if you would like to play an active role in professional working groups which will address specific challenges, in the sector; network with like-minded professionals and gain access to information and opportunities.


SAPVIA is committed to supporting the development of a sustainable and safe solar PV sector. The PV GreenCard programme is designed to ensure quality and safety standards are introduced and maintained by all solar PV installers. This is now the leading quality assurance standard and training programme for solar PV installers.

Solar PV installers take part in specialized education and training which will enable them to be certified and registered on the PV GreenCard database. This certification means that these installers are proficient and compliant with all of the relevant national and municipal electrical regulations and can offer their clients reassurance of the safety and quality of the installation.


Promoting your brand and business couldn’t be easier with the PV marketplace. Created to raise awareness of the diversity of the SAPVIA membership base, this platform is ideal if you are looking to introduce yourself to the market, launch a new service or simply profile your business to the sector.

SAPVIA member companies can maximise their membership with exclusive access to the PV Marketplace which will showcase their business to more than 4000 players in the solar PV sector and a social media audience of 7000 plus.


SAPVIA has created the first database of solar PV projects across South Africa. Designed to showcase the distribution of Solar PV projects across the country, the PV Spotter includes Solar PV IPPs, C&I as well as residential installations.

The PV Spotter will contribute to the advancement of the solar PV industry and will allow SAPVIA and its members to proactively influence and provide much need market intelligence. By mapping solar PV projects, we are better able to understand the geographic distribution as well as the contribution that solar is making to the South African Energy mix.


Scale Embedded Generation SSEG installations are increasing across the South African distribution network areas. As the majority of energy generated through SSEG in South Africa is from solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, SAPVIA has created the PV Municipal Map to inform potential installers of the municipalities readiness for SSEG installations on their distribution networks.

The interactive map will provide guidance detailing the regulations, application process for customers to connect their systems as well as updates on which municipalities have NERSA-approved SSEG tariffs, allowing them to credit customers for excess electricity exported onto their distribution network.