25 September 2012:
[restrictedarea] The rise of solar PV and other renewables presents a whole new world for electricity grid operators, requiring a new perspective on the management of the power system. “Connecting the Sun” shows how PV is already providing solutions, and how it will be key to meeting Europe’s ambitious energy and environmental goals. It concludes that Europe’s electricity system can integrate high levels of solar PV in the coming decades. The report was conducted after interviewing several network operators, both at transmission and distribution level, and external experts, so as to identify best practices and build recommendations on the basis of real-world experience.
The documents below present the major findings of the EPIA study titled “Connecting the Sun: Solar photovoltaics on the road to large-scale grid integration”.
The major findings, as well as a two page summary of the report can be viewed/downloaded here:
Connecting the Sun: Summary
Connecting the Sun: Solar photovoltaics on the road to large-scale grid integration[/restrictedarea]