On the 22nd of November 2012, SAPVIA’s Rooftop PV subcommittee hosted a strategy workshop led by an independent facilitator – Brent Burgoyne – and attended by 16 members. The purpose of the workshop was to:
–          to define the overarching purpose of the subcommittee;
–          to restructure the subcommittee so that it may best realise it’s purpose and deliverables;
–          to define the subcommittee’s strategy in the form of an action plan for 2013 with specific projects to complete.
Workshop outcomes:
[restrictedarea]The outcomes of the workshop have been documented in the form of a purpose statement and action plan for the subcommittee. The action plan has been prioritised according to the urgency of the projects, with 1 being urgent (these projects need to be completed during the course of 2013), and 2 / 3 being less urgent (these projects do not necessarily need to be completed in 2013, but could be rolled over to 2014).