Collaboration with First Solar
Valsa has entered into an exciting collaboration with First Solar, the world leader in PV Solar modules. We have received approval letters from First Solar authorising us to manufacture clamps locally for their glass modules, which is a great boost for our company and a huge advantage to our local South African customers.
After previous recognition from Canadian Solar, another world leader in PV Solar Panel manufacturing, recognising us as a trusted manufacturer of mounting structure components, this is yet another step taken by Valsa Trading in our quest to be the local industry leader in providing high performance products and solutions for mounting structures in the PV Solar Industry.
Corrugated and Asbestos Roof Brackets
Valsa Trading provides mounting solutions for a wide variety of roof types. However, the dynamic market in the roof top space requires dynamic solutions, and we are therefore introducing new components suitable for Corrugated and Asbestos roof applications. Taking into consideration the variety of shapes, we strive to provide easy solutions for the PV Solar installers that meet the standards and regulations.
Cape Town Warehouse
Valsa Trading is proud to announce that our warehouse depot in Cape Town is operating and able to supply clients’ needs. This facility was launched to meet the increasing needs and requests from our clients, partners and PV Solar installers in that region.
Aluminium and Rubber Walkways
Valsa Trading is introducing Aluminium and Rubber Walkways for concrete roof tops. This new product adds value to all PV Solar roof top applications where it is necessary to use walkways to prevent damage to the roofs and provide safe installation and maintenance for long-term PV Solar applications.
Aluminium Carport
We are proud to announce the completion of our Aluminium Carport design, and we are currently finishing an installation project which will be completed by the end of this month. After completion, we will be able to showcase this product to all interested parties. In the meantime, we can offer full Aluminium PV Solar Carport solution to our clients.